Annual Literary Competition 2018-19

December 31, 2018
Annual Literary Competition 2018-19


                 A.B.H.S Literary Competition was held on 24-12-2018.  The function was started on 10:20AM, reciting Qirath by Syed Falah Mohiddin S/o Zafar Ali then a Naath by Mohammed Afnan S/o Abdul Hameed Shaikh.

 The function was presided by Respected Abdurrahman Batin Sir, Second Vice-President of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen. Moulana Abdul Aleem Khateeb (Imam-O-Khateeb, Jamia Masjid, Bhatkal) as a Chief Guest of the function and other dignitaries like President Abdul Rahim Jukaku Saheb, First Vice-President Janab Damudi Abdul Rahim Saheb, High School Board Secretary Janab Abdul Wajid Kola Saheb were attended the function. Students exhibited their talents in various languages on different types of topics.

Judges of the Competition:

    • Janab Abdul Rasheed
    • Janab Abdul Rahim Khan
    • Janab Mustaque M. Shaikh
    • Janab Jameel Ahmed Shareef
    • Moulana Abdul Hafeez Miftahi
    • Moulana Meera
    • Moulana Nabeel


          The function was Successful because of complete attendance of the students along with their respected parents and teachers.